What did we get ourselves into?!?

Hello World!

This is the first post from BAMMM Farms.  From time to time we will be sharing our story, our journey to sustainable living and how in the world we ended up starting a worm casting business and became chemical-free growers.  We will be sharing info, tips and what we have learned along the way!  Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  Check out our calendar to see the markets and events we will be set up at and check out our store to purchase worm castings and potting soils (more items to follow).  We offer free deliery/pick up in the Waycross/Blackshear, GA areas.  We will also be posting produce for sale through the growing seasons.

Please bear with us as we learn about running a website and an e-commerce store!

“Life’s a garden, can you dig it?”