About us

Who are we?

We are a husband & wife team of Benjamin and Angela Adams, with the help of our 3 children, Megan, Matthew & Mason (hence, BAMMM, with 3M’s).  By trade, Benji is a Locomotive Machinist and Angie is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Benji became interested in Vermiculture in 2013 after being diagnosed with a very rare condition called Autoimmune Neuropathy, which is essentially the immune system attacking the nervous system.  This condition caused extreme pain, numbness and weakness in Benji’s body. He was in the hospital for nearly 200 days over a one year period and required expensive immunotherapy for treatment.

We sought answers at 3 of the largest medical centers in the country, meet with world renowned experts at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and through the Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC) at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.  The common theme we kept hearing was “something is triggering an immune response in his body.” At the PRC, Benji learned about the benefits of clean eating and reducing toxin exposure. We made the decision to eat organically, grow our own food and buy local as much as possible.  Slowly, through much prayer and lifestyle changes, Benji’s health has improved!

We had a surplus of vegetables the first year we started using castings in our garden and started selling at our local farmers market.  People were amazed at the quality and taste and wanted to know our “secret.” Benji quickly became known as the “worm guy” and BAMMM Farms was created!



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